Our Story

Our Story
Pierre LePoureau
Broker | Portfolio Investor | Alternative Investments

Old City Brokers was founded by Pierre LePoureau who not only has been investing in real-estate since 1991 but, has also been managing his own investment portfolio. 

His real-estate investment portfolio commenced while he was attending the University of Pennsylvania. He recognized the demand for property rentals within the proximity of the Philadelphia Universities and commenced purchasing industrial type lofts converting them into rental property dwellings. After purchasing several lofts he rented them to students attending University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University & Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

After graduating in 1992 he continued investing in residential and commercial real-property across Pennsylvania, Florida and Tennessee amassing a large portfolio while working with local property management companies.

Old City Brokers was specifically created for managing our own private portfolio real estate investments preserving short and long term capital investments and acquiring debt securities globally.

Actively investment in St Augustine, Florida focusing on Residential, Commercial Real-Estate and Debt Securities.